Daycare Business Plan Template

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A daycare business plan template is what you need! Are you opening a new daycare center or home? Get this Done-for-You! Customizable daycare business plan template! Customize this template to meet your needs. Business plans cost upwards of $500 - $3,000. Get this template to create your very own business plan. Simply plug in your information! You will instantly receive your digital download after purchase. 


Form Instructions: 

This is a downloadable form in Microsoft Word. It is easily customizable!

This business plan is an easy-customizable template for your new daycare business! You are able to FULLY customize this document.

  1. All wording in red will need to be changed and customized to your child care program name. Please be sure to read through the entire document to customize this document appropriately.
  2. Customize some data to specifically fit the area of your child care program. For example, if you live in Orlando, Florida, in zip code 77033, find competitors and data for your local area. The template provides general data and pictures.
  3. You may change photos, colors, formatting, add pages, and more. Customize this document to your liking.
  4. Be sure to save your work after making any changes and DELETE the instruction page.

To finalize your document, try saving it in Adobe for a more professional feel before sending it to your lender or other professionals.

*There are no refunds on digital downloads