EESSA Shared Services Alliance

Emergent ED Shared Services Alliance

Emergent Ed Shared Services Alliance

Our shared services alliance has adopted an innovative approach to reducing the administrative burden of early childhood programs. Most programs operate in silos, lacking adequate professional connections to other early childhood program administrators. EESSA provides opportunities for meaningful connections and collaborations among the ECE administrative workforce. Join TODAY!



The mission of the EESSA is to provide a centralized HUB for the efficiency of internal operations, regulatory compliance, and high-quality educational support of all alliance early childhood programs. 




All shared services alliance members have early learning programs that understand the importance of high-quality, healthy, safe environment’s and supports educator and child development across a coordinated system of supports and services.

Benefits of Joining the Emergent Ed Shared Services Alliance

  • Child Care Licensing Compliance Support
  • Business and Operational Support
  • Certified Early Childhood Trainings (Pre-Service & Annual Training)
  • Bulk Pricing & Member Discounts
  • Access to high-quality early childhood resources
  • Centralized CMS for contacting support
  • Advanced degree articulation agreements



Eligibility Requirements

  1. Must be a licensed child care center
  2. Must be a registered or licensed home
  3. Must be a Texas Rising Star provider or "Entry-level" provider
  4. Must accept WFS subsidy (financial aid for parents)
EESSA is based on a Tiered Level Program Model. Alliance members are enrolled into the alliance based upon their Texas Rising Star (TRS) Rating Level. There are 2 Tier Levels for child care providers as shown below.

Tier Level 1: Tier Level (1) providers have received a Texas Rising Star rating of 2 stars. Upon entry into the shared services alliance, Tier Level 1 members are given support to help increase overall compliance and program quality. EESSA strives to progress all Tier Level 1 members to Tier Level 2 membership.
Tier Level 2: Tier Level (2) providers have received a Texas Rising Star rating of 3 or 4 stars. Upon entry into the shared services alliance, Tier Level 2 members are given additional supports to increase their quality (3 star providers) or maintain their high-quality ratings (4 star providers).




Tier 1 (TRS 2 Stars)

Tier 2  (TRS 3, 4 Stars)


Training & Professional Development

Customized training or professional development that aligns with licensing and QRIS standards

Customized and on-demand training and professional development, along with on-on- one coaching


Business Coaching


Business coaching budget Review

Business supports, including: budget review, marketing and Iron Triangle coaching and support.

Licensing Support

Licensing Consultation and support

Online Management System Support & Licensing Consultation

Advanced Degree Articulation Agreement

Access to articulation agreement at reduced costs.

Access to articulation agreement at reduced costs.

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