Parenting Sessions

Parenting Topics: 


Brain Development-

The way children’s brains develop depends

on how the genes they’re born with interact with the experiences they have. The brain

of the baby is still forming connections responsible for feeling, learning, and

remembering. In this lesson, we will explore how brain development impacts the

whole child.



Ages & Stages-

Ages & Stages focuses on the developmental

stages of infants and toddlers. In this lesson, we will explore how infants and

toddlers grow into healthy children based on age appropriate cues. 


Understanding Feelings-

Most people have learned that there are two

types of feelings:  Good and Bad.  Understanding Feelings focuses on

categorizing and understanding why feelings are important and how they affect our



Praising Children and Their Behavior -

When children receive praise, they learn that who they are and the things they do

are pleasing to parents. Children who are praised for their behavior develop a

personal sense of self-worth.


Family Morals Values & Rules-

The basis for teaching

children discipline is in identifying a set of family morals and family values.

We will explore why rules, morals, and values are important to children and



Dealing with Stress-

Getting a handle on stress can mean a

healthier and longer life. We will explore ways to deal with stress while



Communicating with Respect –

In this lesson we discuss the key to

healthy communication, is to communicate your thoughts and feelings to your

children in a manner that does not hurt them or cause them to think less of



Building Self -Worth and Self- Concept- Our “self”

is a composite of all the aspects of life that give us an identity. Our self is

a picture puzzle made up of thousands of pieces all fitting together to make a

picture. Let’s explore!


Alternatives to Spanking -

Children have the right to grow up in an

environment free from violence, disrespect, and hurt.  The greatest limitation of spanking is the

negative impact on children’s psychological development. In this lesson we

discuss alternatives to spanking as a form of discipline.