What is the Best Curriculum for Your Daycare Program?

Choosing a curriculum for your child care program is very important to the mission and vision of your program. A curriculum is defined by NAEYC as followed, (NAEYC), curriculum is ”the knowledge and skills teachers are expected to teach and children are expected to learn, and the plans for experiences through which learning will take place.” A curriculum is a living entity.

Most preschools or daycare programs define their curriculum within the name of their preschool. For example, The Montessori School of ABC County. This school's name clearly defines the programs curriculum as Montessori. Most owners or directors of daycare programs choose their curriculum based on their personal preferences and belief's around early childhood education. 

There are several curriculum's to choose from such as the examples below:

1.) Montessori

2.) Reggio Emilia

3.) Funshine Express

4.) Abeka

5.) Learning Box Preschool 

Choose a curriculum that works best for your students and parents. Families are excited about preschools that implement curriculum and foundational activities that create a great learning environment for children.