How to Become a Daycare Teacher in Texas


The early childhood education industry is a very rewarding field. Everyday, teachers, directors, and child care center staff provide care for the countries most vulnerable populations. Here are a few quick answers on daycare requirements for teachers.

Minimum Daycare Teacher Requirements

  • A high school diploma or GED
  • Documentation of a program recognized by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) or other public educational entity in another state, which offers similar training on reading, writing, and math skills taught at the high school level, such as a General Educational Development (GED) certificate
  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Must have at least 1 year of  child care experience (if applicable)
  • Must be Pediatric CPR/First Aid Certified
  • Complete a notarized Licensing Affidavit for Applicants for Employment form
  • Must be able to successfully pass a background check and fingerprinting check

Professional Development

In any profession, having more experience and education is always an added benefit when applying for daycare jobs. Teachers interested in furthering their education can obtain the CDA (Child Development Associate) credential.To learn more about obtaining a CDA credential for approved child care programs in Texas, visit the Council for Professional Recognition:

Child Care Licensing Approved

When gaining experience in child care, be sure that your experience is with a licensed child care center, licensed child care home, or registered child care home. The program that you choose will be listed on the State of Texas Child Care Licensing website. The operation will have an issued permit. Approved child care facilities are monitored by child care licensing to ensure the health and safety of all children in care. 

Child Care Teacher Position Titles

In the child care industry, there are many titles to describe a teacher. Here are some daycare teacher titles below:

  • Lead Teacher
  • Assistant Teacher 
  • Caregiver
  • Child Care Specialist 

Becoming a daycare teacher is a very rewarding, yet demanding job. Many teachers that enter this profession have a passion for children and are not too reliant on the pay, as the child care industry can provide low to minimum wages for beginners. Before applying to become a daycare teacher, ask the center of your choosing if you could "shadow" a teacher to learn more about the day in the life of a child care teacher.

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