Child Care Programs Making Transitions To Re-Open Daycares for Parents

In 2020, the COVID -19 pandemic completely disrupted the child care industry for parents and child daycare providers. Child care providers face strict governmental rules and regulations stemming from Governor Gregg Abbott's "Governor's Strike", which held some very strict mandates for how child care providers were already in operation. 

The child/teacher ratios were heavily impacted by this executive order. Daycare ratios were nearly cut in half, and parents were withdrawing their children at an alarming rate, due to fear of COVID-19 transmission to their children. Child care homes and centers were on the brink of massive closures, and some programs completed closed it's doors. 

Now that more people are vaccinated and the "Governor's Strike" has been lifted, child care providers are faced with getting back to normal. Parents are searching for child care, as their employers are relaxing the work-from-home standards. 

Funding is, and has been made available to child care programs that have "weathered the storm", says Nicole Beasley, President of Emergent ED. Child Care Consulting. Getting back to what we considered normal may take some time, but the pandemic has really shed light on the fact that child care is a very critical industry. It is in fact, the backbone of our society. 

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