State of Texas Child Care Licensing

Child Care Licensing 

Daycare providers are very familiar with child care licensing. Every child care center, licensed or registered child care home, and before-and-after school programs are regulated by their local state child care licensing office. The first step to becoming a new child care center or child care home provider is to understand your child care licensing's minimum standards and guidelines. Child care licensing representatives are also able to assist with questions regarding the permitting process to open a daycare center or home.  

Child Care Licensing representatives are mainly responsible for the safety of all children in care under regulated child care providers. They do an amazing job at ensuring each daycare program is abiding by the rules and regulations established by child care licensing. 

It is essential that operation employees and caregivers recognize four critical aspects of Licensing’s efforts to protect the children in care and to help operation employees and caregivers comply with the law, rules, and standards.

The four aspects of child care licensing are:

  • Inspection
  • Technical assistance
  • Investigations
  • Caregiver’s rights and entitlements

Child care center director's and owners also have rights and entitlements to protect them under these rules and regulations. It is essential that child care providers work with their child care licensing representative to ensure the safety of all children in their care. 

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