5 Fun Summer Activities for Child Care Directors

School Age Summer Activities 

Schools are out for the summer! Daycare programs are usually at it's capacity with School-Age children hoping to have an awesome summer. Child care summer programs are the best option for parents who need child care for their children during the summer months. As a child care provider, it is essential that you have a plan to keep the children in your care healthy and safe, but you can create a fun schedule to ensure your summer child care program is a success. Here are some great summer activities that registered or licensed home child care programs, as well as child care programs can add to the summer schedule:

1.) Field Trips 

As simple as this may sound, we are slowly easing out of a pandemic. However, there are a lot of great places to take your school-age children for the summer. How about, the Zoo, the local park, the movie theatre, the museum (practice social distancing and wear masks if required)? Create a schedule to possible take a field trip every other week, if the schedule calls for it. 

2.) Outdoor Field Day 

All children love a great competition. Have your school-age children pick their teams. After they have decided on their teams, have them choose the games that are fun and safe to have a healthy competition. This is a great time to make ice cream, give out popsicles, awards, and have fun!

3.) DIY Arts and Crafts Day 

Allowing children to independently express their creative side is a great way to keep your summer camp children super engaged. Create an Arts & Crafts Day! On several tables, place different art supplies and crafts that your children may choose from during their day. For example, on one table, you may call it "The Creative Canvas" table. Have several unused canvas frames, paint, jewels, feather, glue, and more, for the children to choose from. Allow them to paint and decorate the canvas as they would like. 

4.) In-center Movie Day 

Have a in-center movie day. Allow your children and staff to pick a "kid-friendly" movie that everyone will enjoy. Maybe the school-age children can wear their pajamas to make movie day a lot more fun! Have items such as popcorn, soft drinks, or other healthy items for your children and staff. 

5.) In-door Block Building Competition 

Summer camp is usually a great time to allow school-age children to show their creative sides. Big building blocks usually keep children engaged. Give them directions on what you would like for them to build. For example, a city? Have your children to think outside of the box by recreating what a real city would look like. After they have completed their work, take pictures and show off their work throughout your daycare program. 

The summer camp at your child care program can be very exciting and engaging for your children and staff. While we focus on school-age children throughout this article, you can include all children within your program who may benefit from the activities. Be sure that you have parents permission with all activities that require you to do so. 

Have a great summer!